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about me

* 1984, Frankfurt, Germany.



Studied under Julia Ovrutschski, 1997

Studied under Andrea Simon, 2001

Studied under Beatrix Pohle-Stiehl, 2002

Goldsmiths College, University of London,  BA Fine Arts and History of Art, 2007 - 2008.

University of Brasília, BA Fine Arts, 2011.

Awards and Grants

Scholarship GEK Trust, 2009- 2011

Financial support by private collector for series masculinities, 2016

Premio de arte contemporanea Vera Brant, 2019



2019 - Group exhibition, Doacoes 2019, Museu Nacional da República, Brasília.

2019 - Group exhibition, sobrefalas, Galeria Casa, Brasília.

2019 - Group exhibition, Bsb Planos das Artes, Elefante Centro Cultural, Brasília.

2019 - Exposicao do Prêmio Vera Brant, Espaco Cultural Renato Russo, Brasília
2018 -  Exposição coletiva, (Re)invencoes, Elefante Centro Cultural, Brasília

2018-  Group exhibition, Reinvencoes, Elefante Centro Cultural, Brasília.

2018 –Group exhibition, Onde anda a Onda III, Espaço Cultural Renato Russo, Brasília.

2018-  Group exhibition, Galeria Van Gogh, Sobradinho.

2018 - Group exhibition, Bsb Planos das Artes, Nave, Brasília. 

2017 - Group exhibition, Tao Chitão, Pirenópolis.

2017 - Solo exhibition, out of place, Galerie offspace IMBRADIVA, Frankfurt.

2017 - Group exhibition, Museumsnacht, PENG, Mainz.

2017 - Solo exhibition, Masculinities, Elefante Centro Cultural, Brasília.

2016 - Performance, curator: Kollontai Diniz, Alternative Space ,São Paulo.

2016 - Group exhibition, Do Quadrado, SESC Garagem, Brasília. 

2014 - Group exhibition, Projeto Lacuna, Galeria Alfinete, Brasília.

2013 - Group exhibition, Projeto Lacuna, Museu Nacional, Brasília.

2013 - Film screening, Festival Cuba im Film, Frankfurt.

2011 - Exposicao de graduacao, Espaco Piloto, Brasília.

2011 - Group exhibition, Todo, Galeria 406, Brasília.

2008 - Group exhibition, Corpus Crisis 3, Brasília.

2007 - Group exhibition, Corpus Crisis 2, Brasília.

2006 -  Site-specific installation, Universidade e preconceito - Discutindo e enfrentando uma    realidade, UnB, Brasília.

2005 - Site-specific installation, Happening, Passarela 109, Brasília.

2005 - Site-specific installation, Happening, Passarela 210, Brasília.



Museu Nacional da República, Brasilia, Brazil


Private Collections in 

Brasília, Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Frankfurt, Germany.

Hanau, Germany.

​Silvie Eidam was born in Frankfurt am Main in Germany and is currently living in transition, moving between Brazil and Germany.

Her grandfather was the painter Wilhelm Eidam who encouraged her artistic production from childhood on. She studied under the local artists Julia Ovrutschski, Andrea Simon and Beatrix Pohle-Stiehl, and continued her formal education studying Fine Arts at the University of Brasilia and at the Goldsmiths College in London.

While being at university she was an active member of feminist activist groups in Brasília and London and focused in her art on representations of the female body and political identities in a wide variety of media, participating since 2005 at several collective exhibitions.

She received a scholarship for five years from the swiss GEK trust until 2011 to continue her artistic development and financial support by a private collector in 2015 to conclude her series on masculinities.

In her work she mainly focused on problematizing the representations of bodies and their impact on the construction of the relation between subject and object in visual arts. Currently she is interested in materializing the immaterial and unconscious, as well as the subject matter of antispecism and the representations of non human bodies


foto: Tiago de Aragao

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