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oil on canvas, 2015/2016 

Men are grateful objects of study because they are not used to be watched! They are used to watch themselves… (TORR, 2012)


For this project, I asked some male friends to provide me with their Facebook profile picture in order to paint them. Which image had they chosen to represent them? What are the self-images of contemporary masculinity? This project marks the beginning of my research into the topic of masculinity, the transitoriness of the subject and the relationship between subject and its representations.



Nessa série pedi para alguns amigos a disponibilizarem suas fotos de perfil do Facebook. Que imagem eles escolherem para melhor representa-los? Qual é a autoimagem da masculinidade contemporânea? O resultado é o inicio duma pesquisa sobre masculinidades, a fluidez entre o sujeito e objeto e a transitoriedade do sujeito.

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